How to find baby change rooms in Australia

If you’re a new parent like me, you no doubt find baby change rooms (aka parent rooms) in shops and malls invaluable. I recently discovered that you can use the Australian Government’s National Public Toilet Map website (what a great site!) to find change rooms too, although it’s a little convoluted. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Public Toilet Map site.
  2. Under the Find option, click Near an address, At a point of interest, or At a latitude/longitude.
  3. Click the More Options button at the bottom of the page. The same form reappears, but with more options.
  4. Enter your search details at the top of the form, such as address or point of interest.
  5. Under Toilet Features, check the Baby Change box.
  6. Click the Find Nearby Toilets button at the bottom of the page.
  7. You’ll now see a list of all nearby toilets that have baby change facilities. Under Toilet Details, you can click a toilet link to get full info on the toilet – you should see a baby change icon under Features.

Now they just need a way to rate the baby change rooms out of 10! 🙂

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