Make your home sound like a busy office

Thriving Office CDThis is such a good idea, it’s a wonder no-one’s thought of it before.

If you work from home – as I do – and want to impress your clients, this could be just the thing you need. Thriving Office lets you give clients the impression of a hectic office environment in the background while talking on the phone. It’s a CD with two long tracks: “Busy” and “Very Busy”. Stick it on repeat when the clients call, and lull them into a sense of security as they imagine how successful you’ve become.

You’ll probably want to pause it once you’re off the phone, of course. (Although who knows – maybe industrious office sounds will make you more productive, too? I know it would drive me insane.)

[Via TechCrunch]

4 Responses to “Make your home sound like a busy office”

  1. ejaspal Says:

    Still This stuff is not enough one can not play the same noise file if you are talking to client every now and then ,this will make him alert ,there should be differnet sound files like busy offce background,railway,airport and so on.

  2. ejaspal Says:

    Hurray !!!!!!!!!! here is the website

  3. ejaspal Says:

  4. Matt Says:

    It’s not really as easy as sticking in a CD though, is it?

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