Australia: No worries

Ocean detailRecently I’ve broken my habit of a morning walk on the beach, thanks to the combined hectic-ness of having a baby, writing a book, and preparing for a trip to the UK. However it’s such a beautiful morning today that I decided to renew my walking habit.

I find it’s so easy to get bogged down in negative aspects of day-to-day living and lose sight of what makes living here so great. Things I loved on my walk this morning:

  • Beautiful blue skies
  • Wide streets and open spaces
  • Friendly cafe owners, shop owners, and locals saying hello to me as I walked past
  • The stunningly beautiful beach
  • Gently lapping waves in a deep turquoise sea
  • The warm sunshine on my face
  • The sounds and smells of nature
  • Panoramic views of the ocean and bush from the headland
  • People enjoying themselves on the beach and in the water

As I prepare to head off to England – which will, no doubt, be cold, wet, and dark! – I can honestly say that I am missing Australia already.

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