Induction cooking! Woo, yay!

Induction cooking in actionI’m thinking of starting an “Australia: 20 years behind the UK” category…

I’ve just been gobsmacked by an article in my local paper that burbles enthusiastically about the delights of induction cooking. It says, and I quote: “Professional chefs and restaurants are leading the trend towards induction cooking” and “Induction cooking began to attract interest in Australia about two years ago”.

I assume this is the same type of cooker that’s been on sale in the UK and Europe since the 1980s?!


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  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, induction cooking has been around in Australia about the same time. The problem was that in those earlier times, the cooktops did explode from time to time. Obviously people weren’t very happy about that and so hesitated getting into induction cooking too soon. Not well advertised I wouldn’t imagine but neighbours talked to neighbours, etc.

  2. Matt Says:

    @Margaret: Thanks for your comment. That’s interesting – I didn’t know about the “exploding cooktops” problem!

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