Bad spelling

I admit that I’m a bit of a spelling and grammar nazi (and that my own standard of English is far from perfect). I just like to see decent English, that’s all; blatant spelling and grammar errors make me cringe. It’s bad enough when you see the odd greengrocer writing “apples” as “apple’s”, but really, there’s no excuse for this:

allergys (sic)

This is taken from a large (half-page) advert on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald, a large, national Australian newspaper. You would have thought that a company that has created, and spends large sums of money marketing, an anti-allergy treatment would at least make sure they were spelling “allergies” correctly. Particularly when the word in question stands two inches high on the page. Failing that, you’d think that someone in the newspaper’s advertising department would pick up on such a blatant cock-up. It’s not as though Photoshop, InDesign et al don’t have built-in spell checkers.

This is only one of countless blatant errors that I frequently see here. There’s even an apartment block nearby whose name – lovingly created in wrought iron on the side of the building, so it’s not like they haven’t had time to think about it – is spelled “The Oak’s”. (Maybe the building belongs to a person called “The Oak”, I dunno.)

Is the standard of spelling and grammar worse here than in the UK? It seems so, to me. But then it’s been five years since I’ve lived in the UK; maybe standards have dropped there too. Or maybe I’m just becoming more sensitive to these things over time. Or maybe I’m just a whinging Pom. 😉

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  1. viv doyle Says:

    Since you’re on about spelling, surely that should read whingeing pom? The ‘e’ softens the ‘g’ otherwise it is like winging!!!

    ; )

  2. Matt Says:

    Indeed! I was going to write “Whingeing Pom” when setting up my categories; however, I noticed that a lot of people seem to spell it without the ‘e’. So I searched for both variants on Google and came up with the rather surprising result:

    In fact, Google even suggests that you spell it “whinging”!

    So in this case I acted like a sheep and went with the commonly used spelling, rather than the “correct” spelling. Such is how language evolves I guess! I think “Whinging” looks nicer too. 😛

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